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F.U.N. CAMPAIGN UPDATE  11-14-2014

F.U.N. is Done

As of the laying of the final brick along the side of the church,
the Facilities Update Now Committee has completed their task.  We have a roof that doesn’t leak over the Atrium, a newly designed and more efficiently operating kitchen with new appliances, a welcoming sign to the community letting everyone know the important happenings at C.U.M.C. and a memorial brick area near our sidewalk.

We would like to thank everyone for all of their participation, donations, and gifts.  Throughout this process from the Gala, to the Pies For Guys, to Spring Garage Sale, to the Brick purchases (and even roof-sitting) we say thanks for being such a caring and giving church family.  A special shout out to David Royer for his leadership and persistence and also to Mr. Cardboard – Terry Smith for making all of our projects so visible!

                A project such as this is FUN because we know we can always count on YOU!
















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