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Sunday School

We believe in Sunday School!

Sunday School provides the transformative setting for spiritual growth in a person’s life. It is where children hear the stories of Jesus. It is where followers of Jesus meet to encourage one another and pray for one another. Sunday School is about learning how to connect our faith with daily life. It is about studying God’s Word. It is about sharing our struggles and our victories. It is about seeing where God is at work in our world and how we may join in it. It is where we are in relationship and accountability. Sunday School fosters community, while surrounding one another with care and concern.

At Canfield UMC, there are classes for all ages:

Nursery–A recently remodeled nursery is provided with Susan Helsel as our staff Coordinator of Nursery Care.

Children–Children’s Sunday School features a rotation model. Over the course of a month, children explore common Biblical themes while moving through a variety of settings. Christian teachings are reinforced through story, drama, crafts and movies.

Youth–Sunday School classes are available for Junior High youth on the second floor of the Educational wing and for Senior High youth in the annex. Teaching content is life-centered and thematic. On alternate years, Confirmation class is offered to Junior High youth, running concurrently with the school year.

Adults–There are six adult classes meeting weekly, including MAGIC, Aldersgate, SPARK, Builders, 39’ers, and Pioneer. Studies are selected by each class, providing a diverse mix of learning opportunities.

Connect your story with God’s story. Come to Sunday School at Canfield UMC!

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